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Protect data and Increase User Trust in your business

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Extended Validation SSL Certificate for your business

Extended Validation SSL Certificates activate both the padlock and the green address bar in all major browsers.

Activate the Green Address Bar with EV SSL to boost trust & sales!

Extended Validation SSL Certificate Pricing Information

1 Year Certificate - SSL Pro EV Multi-Domain

$699.99 USD - Annual Billing


2 Year Certificate

SAVE 20%$999.99 USD - Bi-annual Billing - SSL Pro EV Multi-Domain


3 Year Certificate

SAVE 40%$1199.99 USD - Tri-annual Billing - SSL Pro EV Multi-Domain


Reasons to Secure your Website with an SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate will give your website visitors confidence, but there are also practical advantages

Impenetrable Encryption

The entire Enterprise SSL line meets or exceeds industry standards. They come standard with 256-bit symmetric encryption strength and a 2048-bit RSA signature key. Elliptic Curve Cryptography is also available. It would take a supercomputer several thousand years to break this encryption. So, rest easy. You're secure.

Unparalleled Warranty Protection

The stakes are higher for enterprise clients. That's just a fact. If anything goes wrong on an enterprise-level website, it can costs millions of dollars. That's why SPOOF BOX is backing all of its Enterprise SSL certificates with industry-best warranties. That's $1.5-million for OV certificates and $2-million for EV. Rest easy, if Spoof Box ever makes a mistake that costs you money-you're covered.

Ask about our Enterprise Program

We don't just sell Enterprise products, we have an entire program devoted to Enterprise clients. Not only will you get a dedicated account manager, you'll receive better pricing and assistance with certificate management. If certificate discovery, ordering, validation, installation and management is a headache for your organization-we can help..

Frequently Asked Questions

The Enterprise SSL Pro with EV Multi-Domain certificate is the ultimate Enterprise-level security solution. For any company or organization with multiple public-facing domains or IPs, this certificate allows you to quickly and affordably encrypt them all AND showcase your business' name in all the major browsers. Using single site certificates would be cost-prohibitive, but Enterprise SSL Pro with EV Multi-Domain lets you encrypt everything on a single certificate. This saves you time, money and man hours by easing administrative burdens. Best of all, you're getting impenetrable 256-bit symmetric encryption. And rest easy, you're backed by an industry-best $2,000,000 Warranty!

Enterprise SSL Pro with EV Multi-Domain is an Extended Validation SSL certificate. SPOOF BOX will need to put your company or organization through a full business authentication before issuing it. This isn't a problem for most companies, as it only requires SPOOF BOX to verify the information in your CSR against publicly available government records.
Enterprise SSL Pro with EV Multi-Domain features the most sought-after trust mark on the internet – Organization's name and other verified details on the certificate and site seals. It vouches for your identity by displaying your organization name and lets your customers know that you're actually a legitimate business/organization. As a result, the doubts in their minds regarding your credibility are wiped out, and this ultimately results in better conversion rates and higher revenues. In browsers like Microsoft Edge, Internet explorer, Safari and Opera, EV SSL displays your organization's name and/or domain name and padlock symbol in green color on the address bar, which is formerly known as 'green bar'. The biggest identifier of an EV SSL Certificate.
In keeping with industry standards, Enterprise SSL Pro with EV Multi-Domain certificates come standard with 256-bit encryption strength and a 2048-bit RSA signature key. It would take a supercomputer over 1,000 years to crack your encryption
We realize most Enterprise clients have massive web infrastructures that include multiple public-facing domains. Enterprise SSL Pro with EV Multi-Domain lets you encrypt them all on a single certificate, significantly easing administrative burdens by simplifying the SSL management process.
Assurance & Authentication
The SPOOF BOX Enterprise SSL line was designed specifically to help meet the challenges of our Enterprise clients. We understand that as an Enterprise, you face unique challenges with SSL certificate deployment, management and renewal. That's why SPOOF BOX has created a line of products aimed at easing these burdens. The SPOOF BOX Enterprise SSL line starts at the OV level with a single domain certificate and ends with an EV Multi-Domain. In between you'll find a range of different features and functionalities aimed at making the entire Enterprise SSL process easier and more straightforward.
Authentication: Enterprise SSL Pro with EV Multi-Domain is an Extended Validation certificate, that means it can take up to a week to issue.
Warranty: Enterprise SSL Pro with EV Multi-Domain is backed by an industry-best $2,000,000 warranty!
Multi-Domain: Enterprise SSL Pro with EV Multi-Domain can encrypt up to 250 different domains and IPs.

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